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    Wanted: Transistor Nerd / Sr IC Analog Design Engineer

    We seek an experienced, somewhat foolhardy IC designer for Analog and Digital devices. Someone who has shipped designs and enjoys strange and interesting widgets. Experience with optics and graphics is a plus, as is good taste in music.


    Successful candidates will have an MS or BS in EE or related fields, and will have several years of experience across the design and production of real parts. Candidates should be ready to try crazy new ideas, and also ready to thrive in the company of hard working lunatics, whilst working on impossible tasks.


    This is a position of responsibility on a team trying something very new, whose every member needs to deliver. Hawaiian wear required for Friday lunches.


    PL&H is a venture-backed startup located in Pasadena, CA that has received surprising levels of funding to do seemingly magical things. We offer the usual, a competitive salary and stock options, health insurance, 401k with matching, etc. Don’t live near here? Willing to discuss telecommuting prior to relocation (Pasadena is in a great school district!). Flexible on start date.



    • Mixed signals are your jam. You have an intuitive understanding of circuits. You know deeply and have worked on AD or DA, PLL, maybe even some PMIC or RF
    • IC designing CMOS : 5 years+ (Preferred)
    • Worked on one (1) or more of these areas: Including unit cell layout:
      • CMOS image sensor
      • Read Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC)
      • Memory DRAM, SRAM, eDRAM
      • Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS)


    • Master's (Preferred)

    Looking forward to hearing about the time(s) you did your own complete layout.


    Key words: IC analog design, IC design, IC mixed signal design, ROIC, memory design, LCOS, image sensor, asic, designer, integrated chip

    Email your cover letter and CV to iwanttowork@lightandhologram.com