Like a fine wine, it just takes time!

    Tech startup still in stealth mode!









  • Cheers!

    It's been two years since we started this enterprise and we continue to make stepped progress on our most super-duper, wonderful thing, that I wish I could tell you about, but can't. (It has nothing to do with grapes or wine or even bread)

    Meanwhile, I can tell you about another super-duper wonderful thing that was a side project turned into something really useful... Veluminum. It's super matte, like velvet, made out of aluminum. Clink here.

    Meanwhile... be smart, stay healthy, wash your hands, hug those you can.







  • We are hiring! Check it out!

    We're not a 'normal' workplace. Emails without cover letters will go to the bottom of the pile.

    If we are going to dance together, let me know you.

  • salud

    Submission is no guarantee of reciprocity