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    Wanted: Electronics Engineer

    Successful candidates will work with cross-functional teams of IC designers, PCB and embedded designers, optical engineers, physicists and even the odd chemist!


    Candidates should have a BS or MS in Electrical or Computer Engineering — or equivalent demonstrated practical experience — and at least 5 years of work in the design and testing of digital and mixed-signal circuits.

    Desirable qualifications:

    ● Experience in the design and production of mixed-signal circuits and hardware

    ● Knowledge of modern programming languages (such as Python and C++) and ability to debug software

    ● Experience in FPGA hardware design and testing

    ● Interest in hands-on testing and debugging using lab equipment: power supplies, multimeters, function generators, oscilloscopes, analyzers, etc.


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    Email your cover letter and CV to iwanttowork@lightandhologram.com