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    Wanted: Mixed Signal CMOS IC Designer

    We seek an experienced Mixed Signal CMOS IC Designer to work on the analog and digital building blocks for Si-backplanes.



    Design standard analog and mixed-signal building blocks at schematics level

    Design timing reference and custom high speed logic circuits for high speed data interfaces

    Select best topography

    Expected to run simulators, capture data, compare results and perform circuit optimization

    Be able to create high-quality circuit schematics, simulate and present

    Should be fluent in SPICE, Verilog

    Experienced in using Cadence IC tools - Virtuoso, Spectre, Calibre...



    Strong technical writing skills

    Experience in transistor level circuit simulations, testing of fabricated CMOS chips

    Good understanding of PVT, MOS transistor operation, CMOS process techniques


    Wanted: Process Engineer

    We are seeking a self-starting process engineer who can help us imagine, and build, the future of display technology. We are an early to mid-stage startup (about 25 people) in stealth mode located in Pasadena, CA. We have the deep funding and tooling matched to the magnitude of the problems we are tackling.


    You will find with us an innovative application of semiconductor processing to bring new content and new capabilities to displays. We seek individuals who are comfortable in our very diverse multidisciplinary environment, willing to take technical risks, and experimentally oriented. We practice rapid-prototyping to iterate and push the boundary of technology in our field.


    In particular, we are looking for people with cleanroom experience to work with patterning and process engineering of nanometer and micrometer sized features, deposition and etching of thin films, metrology and process documentation. Experience with the Raith e-beam systems and resists is a plus. As this is a very hands-on culture, we are currently looking for on-site full-time engineers to work in/with our new cleanroom being built near Pasadena, CA. You are an even better fit if you have experience with python and other programming languages to leave a trail of automation. Successful candidates will work with cross-functional teams of IC designers, PCB and embedded designers, optical engineers, physicists and chemists. As we solve each engineering hurdle in front of us, we move onto the next, and with that there is a lot of room for growth. The evolution of job roles at PL&H is a open as your interests and capabilities.


    Candidates should have a MS or PHD in electrical engineering, material science, applied physics or related field. We offer the usual benefits: health insurance, dental and vision, 401k with matching, relocation expenses, alongside competitive salary and equity stakes in the company, plus daily lunches with engaging discussion. Extraneous interests in plants (carnivorous or not), DIY, jet engines, telescopes, and baking bread are a bonus!


    Email your cover letter and CV to iwanttowork@lightandhologram.com